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Vienna, Austria, Europe

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The owner, Ing. Andreas H. Nehyba is a licensed professional Investigator since more than twenty years. He is providing with his detective and law enforcement agency high-class investigation as well as security services for international customers. Mr. Nehyba is Vienna`s area governor of the largest investigation association in Austria (ÖDV) and takes care of finding solutions of various difficult problems by himself. He is supported by his well-educated and highly experienced team members of Agency Xtrace as well as by using different specialists. Private Investigator Ing. Andreas H. Nehyba and his company are holding memberships in relevant national and worldwide associations of the investigation and security industry.

“I will help you in a capable, reliable and discreet way to receive the right answer or the best solution .”



Investigation operations in private issues:

  • Litigation Search and Private Investigation as searching and collecting evidences for any criminal and civil cases.
  • We are specialized in the uncovering cheating of your life partner as well as in conducting background researches.
  • Investigating scam issues as well as combating stalking are provided.
  • Surveillance and counter surveillance using high-end technology is offered as well as uncovering conspiratorial formation.
  • Asset and property search is also provided by this agency.
  • We trace submerged persons.
  • We conduct family investigation as paternity investigation or as searching for lost relatives or deceased persons.
  • Social Media Investigation SMI can be helpful in many different cases.
  • Protective Intelligence will be conducted to evaluate rsiky entries in social media and in the digital internet world.
  • We try to find witnesses for your case.

Investigation operations in corporate issues:

  • Counter, Competitive Intelligence and Protective Intelligence as well as assistance for Due Diligence for companies are provided.
  • Searching for evidences in the field of white collar crime, for example cases of fraud.
  • We are offering qualified Pre-Employment-Screening in the case of recruiting new employees.
  • This agency conducts Corporate Investigation as background checks of companies and their decision-makers, which means integrity, credibility and bankruptcy searches.
  • We check the past and current status of your business associates and we monitor your customers and the loyalty of your employees.
  • Asset and property search is also provided by this agency.
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance using high-end technology is offered as well as uncovering conspiratorial formation.
  • Any kind of Insurance Investigation can be conducted to support insurances and law firms.

Compliant civil process service and skip tracing:

  • As process server we are providing the necessary implementing rules and technological requirements.
  • We deliver process papers and documents to the opposing party.
  • You will get a delivery confirmation signed by the addressee, a delivery report as well as a sworn/notarized affidavit.
  • We trace debtors and search for assets as for example real estate ownerships.
  • Sue reports on the target can be generated.

Security operations:

  • Executive Protection is operated by professional, armed and well educated bodyguards.
  • The creation of security analysis including protective intelligence is offered.

„If you think, an investigation is expensive, try non investigation“



This private investigator is located in Vienna, Austria and Lower Austria. But above stated services can be conducted in entire Austria as in the federal states of Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Tyrol, Burgenland and Vorarlberg and its cities and areas.

“Please contact me for a first free of charge consultancy by using following contact details and I will answer as soon as possible.”



  1. For questions and further information, the company owner, Ing. Andreas H. Nehyba by himself is at your disposal at any time. You will get proposals for solution, an estimation of costs as well as the expected turn-around time in advance.
  2. After getting all your basic information and usual advanced money we will start the mission.
  3. After the mission our clients will get a report in English language.
  4. Of course we are handling the requests, missions and information highly confidential.


Confidential information obtained from the client as well as information obtained as a result of the mission will not be disclosured to anyone unless required to do so by law. There is an obligation for confidentiality for licensed investigators given by §130(5) Austrian trade act (“Gewerbeordnung 1994”). This non-disclosure rules are also valid for associates of Agency Xtrace registered company for investigation and security operation.


Information about our privacy policy as well as your right of withdrawal you will find:

in English language

in German language


Phone: + 43 (0) 1 367 53 18
Fax:  + 43 (0) 1 2533 033 77 22

Mobile: +43 (0) 676 350 75 48

Contact form:
For further information on our data policy and your right of withdrawal please refer to the following link:


1010 Wien, Kärntner Ring 5-7

Lower Austria / District Mödling:
2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Buchenweg 32


office Vienna, 1st district:
Büro Xtrace Kärntnerringhof

A-1010 Vienna, Kärntnerring 5 -7, 7th floor

Firmenschild Agentur Xtrace 1010 Wien




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Investigation and Security Operations
Investigation and Security Operations
Agency Xtrace registered company for investigation and security operations,
Kärntner Ring,Vienna,Austria-A-1010,
Telephone No.0043 1 3675318
Vienna, Austria, Europe
High-class investigation, surveillances as well as security services will be conducted for our international clients in Vienna and whole Austria. Because we are member in the most relevant networks, we are able to offer our services all over Europe. The company founder and owner, Professional Investigator Ing. Andreas H. Nehyba, is having experience in this industry since more than 20 years.