Agency Xtrace registered company for investigation and security operation and its well educated bodyguards / protection specialists is providing CLOSE PERSONAL PROTECTION in Vienna, Austria and the whole country. You need to know that in Austria just licensed investigators are allowed by Austrian law to provide personel security services as executive or traveler protection. We are doing security analysis as well as prefield security in each case of bodyguarding. One part of this is conducting a so called protective intelligence to identify risks which are existing by reason of entries in the internet and in social media.

Please get in touch with this company over the english Version of this website. Detailled information about this Austrian investigator you will find in English language following the link „investigation and security operation in Austria“ .

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Close Personal Protection
Close Personal Protection
Agency Xtrace registered company for investigation and security operations,
Kärntner Ring ,Vienna-A-1010,
Telephone No.0043 (0)1 3675318
If there is the need of bodyguards for conducting Executive/Traveler Protection in Vienna or whole Austria please contact this agency. It is very relevant to conduct protective intelligence which will also increase your safety.